Royal Grippex 20L Bar Puller Coolant Actuated Grippers

Royal Grippex 20L Bar Puller Coolant Actuated Grippers
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Product Description

Easily Automate Any CNC Lathe
Coolant-actuated - unit is powered by machine’s coolant system: Coolant On (M-08) - Jaws Close, Coolant Off (M-09) - Jaws Open Self-adjusting - unit will close until it contacts the bar to be pulled, regardless of diameter.
Great for multiple pulls on different diameters. High gripping force - as little as 15 psi of coolant pressure is enough to pull a 210 lb. bar. Hardened gripping inserts for better penetration of stock and longer life.

Compact size - small diameter and short length minimize interference.

Self-releasing - the spring-loaded design of the Grippex 20L ensures that it will open when the coolant pressure is turned off. Great for sub-spindle machines. The Grippex 20L can be used to remove finished parts from a sub-spindle, eliminating an ejector and freeing-up the spindle bore to swallow longer parts. First set of 3 inserts included.

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