Pocket Vibration Meters DVM-0500/0600

Pocket Vibration Meters DVM-0500/0600
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Product Description

Phase II now brings the latest state-of-the-art pocket vibration meters into our ever expanding product line of testing instrumentation.

The DVM-0500/600 pocket vibration meters utilize the singular velocity parameter, making testing easy. A full frequency range is available for broad detection abilities.

These Phase II pocket vibration meters are designed to aid in the preventive maintenance of machinery, bearings, or any other object in motion by picking up vibration changes over time.

Useful features of the DVM-0500/0600 vibration meters include last value hold and auto shut off.

Simply a must have for maintenance personnel.

DVM-0500/0600 comes complete with certificate of calibration, operation manual and carry case.

Measuring Range RMS Vibration velocity 0.1mm/s to 199.9 mm/s 0-19.99 inch/s Frequency Range 10Hz to 1000Hz Display 3.5 digit LCD Accelerometer Integrated Power Supply 1.5v button cell batteries (2) Operating Temp 0-40C <86%RH Dimensions 150 X 22 X 18mm Weight 55g

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