Nikcole Cut-Off & Grooving Mini System

Nikcole Cut-Off & Grooving Mini System
NIKCOLE Mini-Systems™ Our Mini-Systems are a series of unique mini-cutting tools for producing narrow grooves, threads, turning, copying and an economical means of a wide variety of materials. NIKCOLE Mini-Systems™ are manufactured under ISO 9001.

We use special tools that are available off-the-shelf at standard tool prices. They are all you'll ever need for external and internal grooving, cutoff, threading, turning and copying under .125" (3.0mm) width.

The NIKCOLE Mini-Systems™ are the only systems that provide you with two cutting edges in one insert in extremely narrow widths.

We feature a full range of tool-holders with minimum hardware - only one positive locking insert screw and the unique insert pocket design that assures a repeatable cutting edge location. Our standard inserts are stocked in widths from .019" to .125", (0.5mm to 3.0mm) any non stocked width is available upon quotation.

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