Newall 16 x 36" 2-Axis DP500 Milling Readout

Newall 16 x 36" 2-Axis DP500 Milling Readout
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Product Description

Application Milling

Axis 2

Brand Name Newall

Series DP500

Travel 16 x 36

Weight 25 lbs

The Newall Advantage:

◾Encoders carry an IP67 rating - All electronic and measuring components are sealed from the environment

◾Continually provides accurate readings even under the harshest shop conditions

◾No cleanin or maintenance required

◾Tolerant to shock and vibration

◾No glass to break or scratch

Features Include:

◾Bolt Hole Circle routine

◾Tool Offsets

◾Absolute/Incremental Readings

◾Inch/Metric Instant Conversion

◾Radius/Diameter Readings

◾Switchable Resolutions

◾Datum Preset/Zero Reset

◾Reference Pont (Digifind)

◾Center Fnd

DP500 Packages Include:

◾DP500 DRO (2 or 3 axis)

◾Sphersoyn LT and/or Microsyn LT Encoder Assemblies with 3.5M armored cable

◾Scale Bracket Kit and Hardware

◾Reader Head Mounting Brackets and Hardware

◾Display Mounting Arm and Hardware

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