Mobil DTE 26 Ult 4X-1-Gallon

Mobil DTE 26 Ult 4X-1-Gallon
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Product Description

Mobil DTE Ultra 26 Premium Hydraulic Oil

Mobil DTE Ultra Series which was formally known as Mobil DTE 20 Series meets the stringent requirements of hydraulic systems using high pressure, high output pumps as well as other hydraulic system components such as close clearance servo-valves and numerically controlled (NC) machine tools. These products exhibit outstanding oxidation and thermal stability allowing long oil life and reduced deposit formation in harsh conditions and with severe hydraulic systems using high pressure, high output pumps. Mobil DTE Ultra 26 has a viscosity/thickness of an International Standards Organization Viscosity Grade 68 (ISO VGO VG 68).


Mobil DTE Ultra Series hydraulic oils are designed for hydraulic systems where deposit build-up and sludge are critical issues and were high load carrying capabilities are required.

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