Machine Shop Trade Secrets, 2nd Edition 9780831134778

Machine Shop Trade Secrets, 2nd Edition 9780831134778
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Machine Shop Trade Secrets, 2nd Edition 9780831134778
Machine Shop Trade Secrets, 2nd Edition A Guide to Manufacturing Machine Shop Practices

James A. Harvey


Written by an experienced machinist and plastic injection mold maker, Machine Shop Trade Secrets, 2nd Edition is a groundbreaking manual that helps users think and produce like experienced machinists. The popular book provides practical “how-to” information that can immediately be put to use to improve ones machining skills, craftsmanship, and productivity. It is sure to be used and referred to time and again.


This is the first book I recommend for those who want to improve their machining skills. Paul Hudson, Senior Tooling Engineer, Hi-Tech Rubber, Anaheim, CA

This manual is destined to be an essential aid to students seeking high-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector. Mike Paul, Applications Engineer, Haas Automation, Inc.

I needed to learn machining for projects at work, and this book has helped me improve the speed with which I make parts as well as the overall quality. It has paid for itself many times over by now.

Users will discover ways to ... Work faster. Select, make, and grind cutters. Surface grind blocks, pins and shapes. Cut threads, knurl parts and eliminate warp. Choose realistic feeds, speeds and depths of cut. Remove broken taps, drill bits and other hardware. Apply proven CNC techniques to maximize output. Improve surface finishes and hold tighter tolerances. Assist engineers with design and manufacturing issues. Improve indicating skills and develop a “feel” for machining.

New to the Second Edition

Now includes 4-color photos throughout. Features a reformatted layout which fully integrates the text and photos to make the book more accessible.

Chapter 15, "The Incredible CNC," has been greated expanded and completely updated to reflect advances since the previous edition.

Easy-to-use tables summarizing all of the tips, suggestions, and secrets from that chapter; enabling readers to see in a glance the detailed topics covered.

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