Machine Designers Reference Hardcover 9780831134327

Machine Designers Reference Hardcover 9780831134327
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Machine Designers Reference Hardcover 9780831134327
Machine Designers Reference

J. Marrs, P.E.

One-of-a-Kind Tool for Mechanical Design Work Designers at all levels of experience needing a handy, comprehensive reference that helps them get the job done faster... and better. Machine Designers Reference by J. Marrs fulfills the need, and then some.

This hardcover 716-page volume benefits from the author's 20 years of experience as a working mechanical designer. The result is 12 chapters organized in a very practical way (click the TOC button, above). This popular work is packed with essential charts and tables.

Here are some of the features:

Selection, sizing and tolerances for mechanical parts and assemblies Concise best practices for mechanical design, supported by charts and tables U.S. and metric units are presented for reader convenience Thorough representation of metric hardware

The author's pragmatic intention with Machine Designers Reference is a volume that supports and compliments today's software programs and the Internet links most commonly relied upon by mechanical designers in the field.

At the same time, the book is exceptionally useful to mechanical engineering students and fresh graduates seeking to excel at the curriculum or advance their career in design.

Machine Designers Reference complements the coverage offered by standard textbooks in the field.

It serves effectively as a bridge between the academic experience and practical design employment in the machine tool industry.

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