KURT 6" DX6 Vise With Swivel Base Combo SALE

KURT 6" DX6 Vise With Swivel Base Combo SALE
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KURT 6" DX6 Vise With Swivel Base Combo SALE

The evolutionary DX6™ CrossOver™ Vise combines all the great features of the world-renowned KURT D688 and 3600V vises, along with new state-of-the-art workholding features. DX6™CrossOver™ achieves new levels in precision and performance where flatness and parallelism are important and is a better vise than Kurt's own D688® in every way we measure a vise. With KURT'S MADE IN AMERICA commitment, the DX6™ CrossOver™ is destined to become the go-to-vise for today's machining applications.DX6™ CrossOver™

Features: DX6™ CrossOver™ vise is a combination of AngLock®, Pull-Type and 4 bolt stationary jaw design. When combined they create an ultra unique strategy for a better vise: –AngLock® design reduces spart lift–Pull-type design reduces stress on body during clamping –4 bolt design reduces stationary jaw deflection and alleviates body stress

Hardened vise bed/jaw plates

Semi-hard steel screw

80,000 psi ductile iron body, nut and movable jaw

Large 9" opening

New wider 4 bolt stationary design fastens rom the top

Bolts & locates on 40mm, 50mm and 2" grid patterns

Accepts sine keys for alignment's (not included)

Chip evacuation straight through the body

Screw support held in place with snap rings

GrooveLock® jaw plate and workstop included

New brush seal design makes it easier to replace

Includes chip guard

Powder coat paint is long lasting and durable

Matching of the bed heights or keyway to stationary jaw (additional cost)

Fits on D50-4-SA swivel base

Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty

DX6™ CrossOver™ Features comparison to D688 Vise:

DX6 is a replacement vise to D688 vise

Larger opening (9.0" versus 8.8")

Same bed height as D688

Narrower body style than D688 and allows more vises on machine table

Larger, stronger, and more durable bearing pack lasts longer

Same distance from the keyway to stationary as D688

DX6 weight 65lbs. vs D688 69lbs.

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