KURT 6" Carvlock Vise Cast Jaw Kit HDM6C

KURT 6" Carvlock Vise Cast Jaw Kit HDM6C
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KURT 6" Carvlock Vise Cast Jaw Kit HDM6C
Kurt 6" Carvlock Vise Cast Jaw Kit HDM6C

The manually actuated HD CarvLock Vises are high-density, heavy-duty systems and feature two clamping stations with machinable jaws.

The overall vise is very compact, making possible maximum density workholding across the full range of today’s machining centers.

The HD Vise is equipped with quick change Anglock jaws in either aluminum or cast iron, depending on application requirements.

It is only available in a 6 inch wide model.

•Quick chnage machinable jaw now makes maximum density workholding possible.

•Compact size.

•Enclosed vise body keeps chips and contaminants out, making clean-up fast and easy.

•Provides rugged strength, rigidity and long-term accuracy while absorbing machining vibration.

•Overall Length: 13.75"

•Overall width: 6"

•Clamping power: up to 7800 lbs of force.

•Accuracy: repeatable clamping to 0.0005"

•60,000 PSI ductile iron body.

Weight 48 Lbs

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