Kalamazoo DS20 20″ Disc Sander

Kalamazoo DS20 20″ Disc Sander
Item# DS20-20
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Product Description

DS20 20″ Disc Sander either comes with a powerful 1.5 or 2HP motor.

This product has applications in the following industries: Energy, Oil/Natural Gas, Petro/Chemical, Knife Manufacturing, Automotive, Metal Foundries, as well as many other Manufacturing and Fabrication environments.

Great for steel, aluminum and wood. Work table raises and lowers to expose more disc area and tilts 45 degrees down.

2 HP , 3 PH, (220/440V) or 1-1/2 HP, 1 PH (220V ONLY). 20″ dia. steel disc, uses PSA adhesive sanding discs, 1 included.

Reversing drum switch.

1740 RPM

Tilt table with mitre gage, tilts 45 degrees down, raises and lowers 6″.

Tilt table dimensions: 27″ wide x 10.5″ deep, 3/4″ x 1/4″ slot in table.

Dimensions: height 49″ , width 27″ , depth 28″.

Optional: vacuum attachment.

Optional: DCV-1 (call for pricing!)

528 lbs.

Import iron, USA motors, electrics.

Model: DS20-3/220 or 440 volt, 3 phase ( specify voltage).

Model: DS20-1/220 volt (Only), 1 phase.

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