Horizontal/Vertical 5C Indexing Fixture

Horizontal/Vertical 5C Indexing Fixture
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Product Description

Technical Specifications Center Height 4 Overall Height 7-3/4 Horiz; 8 Vert Weight 35 lbs Type Horizontal/Vertical 5C Indexing Fixture Collet Style 5C Brand Name Quality Import Base 4 x 8 Horiz; 4 x 6 Vert ◾A rapid indexing fixture for use with both Collets (5C 1-1/8 capacity) and lathe chucks ◾The latter may be fitted to the 2-1/4 -8 threaded spindle ◾These fixtures are designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally. Indexing is accomplished by releasing the spring loaded index pin lever ◾The spindle rotates freely until the next open space when the index pin engages again and locks the spindle.

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