CAT40 Techniks 2 Chucks ER-16+ Drill Chuck

CAT40 Techniks 2 Chucks ER-16+ Drill Chuck
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CAT 40 Techniks 2 Chucks ER-16 + Drill Chuck CNC HAAS

Techniks 10 Collets Include Range 3/32" - 3/8" by32nds Average .0002" T.I.R. Voted Best Collet Chuck on the Market! Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5 0.0001" runout from taper to pocket Taper ground to AT3 standard Individual lab certification included * Techniks Wrench Included

SPU Keyless Drill Chuck Features : Holds 3 times tighter than ordinary chucks Chuck will not come off during operation Replaceable drill chuck Techniks wrench included Techniks tool holders are manufactured to the highest possible standards to extend perishable cutting tool life and improve CNC machine performance

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