Bison Scroll Chuck - 10" Plain Mount, 4-Jaw 7-848-1000

Bison Scroll Chuck - 10" Plain Mount, 4-Jaw 7-848-1000
Item# 7-848-1000
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Product Description

BISON-BIAL Plain Back Combination Chucks: Combine the advantages of a scroll chuck with those of an independent chuck Each jaw may be adjusted individually with an independent operating screw After the desired eccentric setting has been made, all jaws can then be opened and closed simultaneously with the use of a scroll and pinion The jaws are reversible and may be used as inside and outside jaws

Standard Accessories: 1 Set of hard solid reversible jaws 1 Wrench 1 Set of mounting screws

Optional Accessories Soft solid jaws

Technical Specifications

Number of Jaws 4 Class Lathe Chucks & Accessories Chuck Size 10 Model Number 8481000 Weight 65 lbs Type Cast Body Scroll Chuck Brand Name Bison Mount Plain Back

Combine simultaneous jaw movement with independent jaw movement in one chuck. (Solid reversible jaws)

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