Bison 6" 3J PLAIN BACK FRONT MOUNT 7-811-0600

Bison 6" 3J PLAIN BACK FRONT MOUNT 7-811-0600
Item# 7-811-0600
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Product Description

Can be mounted directly on 3/6 slot rotary tables or on a base plate when the rotary table has 3/6 or 4/8 T-slots

Base plates are designed for use with all rotary tables and other devices where back mounting chucks cannot be used

These chucks can also be mounted to a rough machined backplate, but will require machining of bolt hole patterns and projections for finished assembly

Technical Specifications

Number of Jaws 3

Chuck Size 6

Hole Size 1.653

Description Semi-Steel Body, Front Mount

Weight 17 lbs

Type Semi-Steel, Front Mount Precision Lathe Chuck

Brand Name Bison

Mount Plain Back

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