ATLAS 8" Easy-Set Self-Centering 3 Jaw Manual Lathe Chuck EZ83

ATLAS 8" Easy-Set Self-Centering 3 Jaw Manual Lathe Chuck EZ83
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Product Description

ATLAS 8" Easy-Set Self-Centering 3 Jaw Manual Lathe Chuck EZ83
Easy-Set Self-Centering 3 & 6 Jaw Universal Chucks Low Cost 3 & 6 Jaw Chucks

Direct Replacement for the Buck Adjust-Tru® Early Design

• High value, Lower cost

• One-year warranty

• Precision manufactured for adapter plate mounting — utilizes the same mounting plate as the PBA SETRITE™ and other popular adjustable universal chucks

• .0005 repeatability on duplicate parts

• 4 adjusting screws

• Chuck Sizes 6", 8", 10", 12" and 15"

• Hardened scroll

• Hardened pinion

• Two-piece tongue and groove jaws

• Semi-steel body

Dimensional Data for Series Adapter Mounting Self-Centering Chucks

Chuck Size 8"

A 8.25"

B *4.750"

C 2.346"

D 3.15"

E 2.10"

F 0.75"

G1 7.50"

G2 -

H 8.5"

K 3/8"

Gripping Capacity

Min.** 3/16"

Max. 6-1/2"

Maximum RPM 3100

* Tolerance - .003/+.002 **6-Jaw Chuck minimum grip

1. Bolt circle on 6" and 8" chucks are outside the pilot recess "B" as shown.

Bolt circle on 10", 12" and 15" Dia. chucks are inside "B" dimension.

Mounting Plates For Easy-Set™ 3-Jaw and 6-Jaw Chucks Sales and Service 1(800)543-5998 offers a full line of Atlas Workholding Mounting Plates type "D", "A", "L" and threaded plates for the Easy-Set™ Chucks.

Our Mounting Plates are interchangeable with other popular adjustable universal style Chucks.

Mounting plates are precision machined to suit the spindle nose of your machine.

For maximum accuracy of mounting plates, mount plate on machine spindle nose, place a dial indicator on the chuck side face of the adapter close to the mounting holes, rotate the adapter and if the total indicator reading (TIR) exceeds .0005" take a light truing cut across the face of the mounting plate.

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