Aloris AXAD-80 CNMG 432 Turning & Facing Tool Holder

Aloris AXAD-80 CNMG 432 Turning & Facing Tool Holder
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Product Description

Aloris AXAD-80 CNMG 80 Turning & Facing Tool Holder ONE

Aloris Series D80 dovetail holders accommodate all varieties of standard 80 diamond CNMG 432 shaped carbide inserts positive, negative or neutral rake and either left or right lead angle. Inserts are not supplied.

They are designed for use with Aloris quick change tool posts and allow turning and facing operations without removing the holder from the tool post.
Repeat positioning accuracy within millionths is assured when used with Aloris tool posts.

Buyer Please Choose ONE Right OR Left Handed Holder And Specify At Checkout Time?

AXA Lathe Swings 0 - 12"
BXA Lathe Swings 10" - 15"
CXA Lathe Swings 13" - 18"
CA Lathe Swings 14" - 20"
DA Lathe Swings 17" - 48"

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