Aloris Adjustable 4 Carbide Inserts 4 Boring Bar Bars

Aloris Adjustable 4 Carbide Inserts 4 Boring Bar Bars
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Aloris Adjustable Carbide Inserts 4 Boring Bars Set


4 Bar Set Includes: 4 Shanks Sizes 3/4"

BS-1 Min. Bore Dia. 1/2" Length 3-3/4" Insert Size 1/4" I.C.
BS-2 Min. Bore Dia. 9/16" Length 3-7/8" Insert Size 1/4" I.C.
BS-3 Min. Bore Dia. 5/8" Length 4-1/4" Insert Size 5/16" I.C.
BS-4 Min. Bore Dia. 11/16" Length 4-3/8" Insert Size 3/8" I.C.

( 4 Supplied with A-6 Carbide Insert & 4 Lead Screws & Wrench & Wood Block)

An adjustable "throw-away insert", boring bar designed especially for :
Through boring, facing, or boring to a square shoulder or any lead angle.

Fast, accurate positioning of the replaceable insert is accomplished by
the simple adjustment of the positioning socket set screw and the locking flat head socket cap screw while
the bar is mounted on the machine.

For use with a lathe boring holder, milling machine, jig bore, CNC lathe, etc.,
The Aloris adjustable-insert boring bars are available in 4 popular sizes ranging from " to 1" shank diameters.
They are offered as single units; or in a set, saving up to 7%.
All boring bars are products from high quality heat treated steel.

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