6" Kurt style Angle Tight Vise 3900-2206

6" Kurt style Angle Tight  Vise  3900-2206
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Product Description

6" Kurt style Angle Tight  Vise  3900-2206
6" Ultra-Series Angle-Tight Positive-Lock Milling Vise 3900-2206

Swivel Base Sold Separately P/N: 3900-2207 $ 52.44

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•Shown with optional swivel base.

•Super precision ground to accuracy. High quality.

•Totally enclosed heat treated screw.

•Smooth operation, high repeatability.

•Angle Tight, Positive Lock Type Jaws.

•Industry Standard jaws interchangeable with Industry standard vises.

Product Specifications

Jaw Width 6"

Jaw Opening 7-1/2"

Jaw Depth 1.95"

OAL 21.00"

W.T. (lbs.) 86

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